Trademarks – an opportunity to stand out
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In today's commercial environment, private labels are a solid component of product lines and assortments, and in many areas we cannot imagine a market without them. A well designed trademark concept serves as a connective link to the customer and has a synergistic effect when it comes to manufacturer's brands.

Our delineation of common trademark concepts
We do not consider trademarks to be in competition with manufacturer's brands, but complementary to a category and an effective profiling tool for our customers. They are an instrument to connect with our clients in a shopping environment, or in retail chains, respectively, while our own private label concepts connect the quality of brand identification with the individual design pertaining to the company who placed the order. Within the framework of vertical cooperation, such as is the case with selective distribution channels, we consider the trademark concepts able to create a sort of synergy with brand-name product lines, which are defined by price structures in a secondary way only.

Individualized Concepts for Individual Customers
Each of the products offered by ATT Drogerievertriebs GmbH may be customized to the individual needs of the ordering customer. In so doing, we demand the same quality standards for specially developed products as we expect from the quality standards of our own brands. The RTS – ready to sell – strategy facilitates the development, design and marketability of each and every product according to the latest standard, and thus ensures fast and sustainable success.

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