PREGNAFIX® Early Detection Pregnancy Test
Have certainty even BEFORE your period is due !

If you can hardly wait, the PREGNAFIX® Early Detection Pregnancy Test will give you the certainty you need about a possible pregnancy – safely, simply and, above all, early. This latest generation Early Detection Test will test BEFORE the actual due date of your period, and you will already have a result after only 2 minutes, with an accuracy better than 99%.

This test was developed especially for women who want to have a child  
This test can be used before your period is due, and so it shortens the time of uncertainty  
The test strip is located in a special suction device and includes a protective cap – this means simple application directly in the stream of urine  
The test result is shown quickly: 2 minutes after the application  
With a test accuracy better than 99%  
CE and FDA certified  

Pregnafix® Pregnancy Tests: safe, simple and fast

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