If you want to be reliably sure...
Pregnafix® - safe, simple and fast!

The latest generation of Pregnafix® home tests offers women from all walks of life the certainty they need, in just minutes.

PREGNAFIX® Ovulation Test – the simple way to family planning...
The home ovulation test will give you the information you need about a woman’s most fertile days, so you can determine the most favourable days for conception.

PREGNAFIX® Pregnancy Test – let the journey begin…
Pregnancy: 9 months of exceptional journey, for many women these are the most exciting news in the world.
Home pregnancy tests will let you know quickly if your journey has begun.

PREGNAFIX® Menopause Test – a woman in her second spring …
Shortly before the beginning of their menopausal years women oftentimes do not know if their time of menopause has begun. This is when home Menopause Tests will bring certainty in just a few minutes’ time.

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